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Simplify the integration of Digital Health Tools in healthcare

There are currently more questions than answers regarding the integration of DHTs in healthcare. How should they be validated, distributed, and who will cover them?

We gave ourselves the mission to look at every aspect of the validation and distribution of DHTs. This mission translates into multiple research projects that will contribute to the future of Digital Health innovation.

Optimizing the recommendation and distribution of Digital Health Tools during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Collaborative research - solutions for COVID-19
Led by Dre Julie Lane at Sherbrooke University

Université de Sherbrook Québec
  • Development of a platform to support mental health clinicians
    Iterate and develop a user-centric platform to support clinicians with recommendations for Digital Health Tools in the field of mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Validate value for patients
    A patient-centric platform allows users to receive Digital Health Tool recommendations and provide feedback on their use. Plus, it continuously ensures that the DHT is still appropriate for their situation.

  • A Stepped-Care approach
    By using available tools, the approach supports early intervention in mental health and Stepped Care.

App pairing system based on the collection of Real-World Evidence

Innovation grant for smart recommendation systems
Led by Therappx and supported by advisory services and research and development funding from the National Research Council of Canada Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC IRAP)

National Research Council Canada
  • Develop a patient-centric app recommendation system
    By validating the Impact of Real-World Evidence on recommendation systems for more targeted recommendations, our objective is to improve such systems with a machine-learning algorithm.

Validation of the efficacy of an App Prescriber in Pharmacy

Collaborative research in pharmacy
Led by Dre Line Guénette, PhD. at Laval University

Université de Laval AGEWELL MEDTEQ + Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy
  • Validate the components that translate to better patient engagement to DHTs when supported by clinicians
    In the pharmacy environnement, the objective is to determine if targeting a specific Digital health tool for the patient increases engagement. Plus, if the prescription of Digital tools by pharmacists increases engagement.

  • Determine the impact of DHTs on the pharmacist’s role
    We’ll determine if the combination of an App Prescriber and DHTs allows pharmacists to monitor their patients better, remotely, and if this combination generates clinical benefits and improved care experience in a pharmacy patient population.