Our Research

When it comes to the integration of Digital Health Tools (DHTs) in our healthcare system, there are currently more questions than answers. How should they be validated? How will they be distributed? Who will cover them?

At Therappx, we gave ourselves the mission to look at every aspects when it comes to the validation and distribution of DHTs. This translates into multiple research projects that will contribute to the future of Digital Health innovation.

Optimizing the recommendation and distribution of Digital Health Tools during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Collaborative research - solutions for COVID-19

Led by Dre Julie Lane at Sherbrooke University


App pairing system based on the collection of Real-World Evidence

Innovation grant for smart recommendation systems

Led by Therappx


Validation of the efficacy of an App Prescriber in Pharmacy

Collaborative research in pharmacy

Led by Dre Line Guénette, PhD. at Laval University