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When it comes to Digital Health Tools, common stakeholders all share one common need: Make sense of this crowded space with heterogeneous quality, value and business models.

Taking the form of an Atlas, Core allows you to quickly identify the best Digital Health Tools available.

You might be asking yourself: How can we possibly track a market of 400,000 Digital Health Tools? Well, we found ways.

First, our robot

We’ve invested in an App crawler. He’s the first do-er. Our researchers and clinicians then curate lists based on the crawler information to include apps relevant to specific markets.

Then, assessments

Our researchers and clinicians regroup for you all data necessary to make formulary decisions and head-to-head comparisons

Learn more about our framework here.

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Finally, more robot

We’re in a rapidly evolving landscape. We have developed a technique to be notified of all changes made to a given tool by its developer. Moreover, our robot allows to track tools that come into market.


58 data points, on the best available Digital Health Tools, to help you:

  • Filter the innovation
  • Create App Formularies on an organizational level
  • Access our clinician assessments
  • Consistently track the software/app market

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