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Patient-facing platforms

Apps were chosen, prescribing systems are in place, but what about the patient?

When required, our patient-facing platforms enable plan members to access personalized recommendations, plus generate feedback through patient data, allowing to generate Real-World Evidence on the prescribed tools.

Most convenient for: clinicians and their organizations, employers, payors.

Engagement first

Patients are responsible for their health journey. Our patient-facing platforms enable patients, plan members to:

  • Make smart choices when it comes to Digital Health Tools;
  • Receive recommendations on the use of DHTs;
  • Provide Patient-Reported Experience Measures and outcomes (PREMs/PROMs).

In it for the AI

By generating Real-World Evidence on the efficacy of the Digital Health Tools, Therappx is the first company worldwide to be able to learn from patient outcomes and behaviors related to apps in order to power intelligent recommendation systems.

Currently in R&D, supported by NRC IRAP

As demonstrated during COVID-19

To make sure we contribute to general health & wellness of the population during the pandemic, more specifically to stress & anxiety, we unleashed a patient-facing app formulary.

Our tool allowed for a 50% activation rate, 10% download rate and reduction of anxiety of 33%.

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