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Digital Health Tools

They're software that patients use to monitor and improve their health and wellness. They're mobile, web-based applications, and encompass Digital therapeutics. They empower patients in their healthcare journey. They save costs. However, there are many. Choosing the right one can be very complex.

This is why we're here.

Our products

Whatever your industry, we're the preferred partner for creating evidence-based, curated Digital Health Tools programs. We accelerate the task of selecting appropriate apps and allow the deployment of App lists (formularies) that fit your use-cases. Our offering declines in three levels:

data driven

Data-driven decisions

We evaluate 58 criteria and resources allowing you to judge apps based on data rights, security, usability, clinical content and economic feasibility.

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Our Research

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Our values

Piece of mind, ethics, transparency.

We get paid by those searching for tools, not the makers. In other words, we’re impartial since we do not receive money from app makers in order for them to feature in our products.

We want to thank who surrounds us:

Our worldwide Digital health and entrepreneurial ecosystem.