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Our mission

TherAppX was founded by clinicians who wanted to democratize their expertise in Digital Health. Our mission is to make sure that high-quality Digital Health solutions get in the hands of the patients who need them.

Digital Health’s challenge

There are 170’000 Digital Health Tools (DHTs) in Canada. 32% of patients use them and they’re adopted at an accelerated pace, especially since the pandemic. However, as healthcare practitioners, it is challenging to adopt them in our daily practice. Current solutions such as App Stores don’t allow us to search for relevant tools for our patients that match their specific needs. Neither can we quickly judge the quality of Digital Health solutions.

The solution: reliable information and collaboration

We believe integrating digital health begins with the right information on available tools. To generate reliable information on Digital Health Tools, we’ve developed a standardized assessment framework called TherAppX Review. It allows us to quickly identify relevant DHTs in the market (from 170 000 solutions to 1 600 in TherAppX Core). In addition to this process, the TherAppX Community provides valuable insights on the use of Digital Health Tools in clinical practice.

TherAppX Core: Get the right tool to the right patient at the right time

Core is a Digital Health Tools library, or as we call it, a dictionary of our ratings. This unique concept allows you to discover curated lists of solutions available in the market. Plus, answer the questions of your patients on each DHT they use in just a few clicks. Know as much as your patients, even if you are less comfortable with the technology. Moreover, as each patient is different, use Core as a clinical decision aid to find the right solution for all your patients.

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TherAppX Community: Collaboration to Accelerate Adoption

A dictionary wasn’t enough for us. We needed a way to democratize the current state of knowledge on Digital Health Tools more broadly. Therefore, we’ve built the first online community on Digital Health. It allows you to obtain peer-to-peer guidance, full access to our expert interviews, timely information from our curated reviews, and opportunities to debate Digital Health Tools with Canada’s most innovative colleagues.

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Designed through user-centric research

Funded by the Federal and Provincial governments, our research projects allowed us to build a platform tailored to the needs of healthcare providers and their patients.

Québec Université de Sherbrooke Université de Laval Canadian Fondation for Pharmacy MEDTEQ AGEWELL National Research Council Canada
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