Minimize Your Care Gaps With Trusted Patient-Centered Apps

TherAppX provide healthcare organizations with an ecosystem to simplify access to curated health software for their patients.
appguide library app collectionsappguide library app collectionsappguide library app collections

Recommend the most relevant health app to your patients

This is achieved through a custom library of app collections categorized by healthcare intent. It provides information about apps that can address gaps in patient care or enhance professional practice.


Tools you can trust

App Collections go through a rigourous selection process involving your health organization and the experts of TherAppX Review.

ongoing updates

Ongoing Updates

The TherAppX Review team is constantly updating the App Collections. This ensures that you are always promoting quality and available tools.


Share to patients

Easily share apps along with patient-friendly information to encourage adoption. Research shows that when a health professional recommends a tool, patients are 10 times more likely to use it.


Methodological Review Process

1. Identification

Identification of your patient population’s care gaps and healthcare providers’ increase in satisfaction opportunities.

2. Discover

Product discovery using TherAppX scores and databases. Health professionals are involved in the selection of products.

3. Recommend

Final recommendations posted in AppGuide PRO with or without trainings on the selected apps.

4. Ongoing evaluations & updates

We continuously evaluate & update apps within App Collections to ensure that they are always available and maintain their quality level.

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